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The overall objective of this site is designed and designated to serve 2.5 Million poultry farms in order to enhance disease control in commercial poultry farms.

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Digital Early Warning System for Control of Poultry Diseases in Egypt.

  • Develop epidemiological maps for the distribution of poultry diseases and poultry farms (first phase).
  • Encourage reporting on poultry diseases.
  • Establishment of two-way communication tool between public and private sectors.
  • Sustainable communication and provision of technical support for poultry producers.
  • User-friendly list for recording poultry farms and diseases through mobile application and web platform (Arabic and English)
  • Define the farm or outbreak coordinates on google maps using the GPS of mobile phones.
  • Export of data to MS excel databases to enable further upload on sophisticated GIS software.
  • An early warning e-mail notification system is in place for informing decision makers on a disease event.
  • An early warning mobile notification system is in place for informing decision makers on a disease event.
  • A SMS push-in notification gateway system is in place for informing decision makers on a disease event.
  • Attachment of photo or video for the outbreak of farm.
  • Automatic display of charts and figures for the entered data.
  • Sending bulk messages for registered users through e-mail or mobile app regarding awareness messages, new decrees and other relevant topics.
  • Generate tracking number to follow up each case individually.
  • Through AMAN app, a rapid, real time, efficient and highly open and confidential communication channel is guaranteed, allowing for an effective and immediate action during the occurrence of a poultry disease outbreak from detection, reporting and response.
  • It is a communication tool for early warning, reporting, monitoring and awareness services for poultry farmers in Egypt. It has email and mobile notifications as well as SMS Gateway for registered farmers/users.
  • It is a tool for connecting and strengthening linkages between participated poultry farms/farmers at national level.
  • It is a tool for presentation of Diseases distribution and development on participated farms at national level.
  • It is a tool for data analysis through charts, tables and maps.
  • A GPS and Google Map are used for locating 2.5 Million farms.
  • Crucially, the application allows for confidentiality of sensitive information. Only registered participants have access to their national data.
  • The AMAN responsive mobile version and Web Platform are identical in functionalities as the rationale for the app is that in some developing countries access to the internet can be difficult, especially away from urban areas, while telephone networks have good signal coverage over wider areas with rapid connection from the field.
  • This is why it is planning to extend the use of this tool at national level in Egypt and to other countries and regions to enhance national and regional capacities in poultry disease reporting, surveillance and early warning.
Expected outputs:
  • Completing poultry farm census including locations on maps and databases in short time and cost-effective method.
  • Development of epidemiological map for the major poultry diseases.
  • Utilize the established database in developing advanced maps using ARC GIS system.
  • Strengthening the system of reporting and mapping suspected poultry diseases, therefore enabling the national veterinary services in the implementation of targeted risk-based surveillance programs.
  • Strengthening the awareness and communication tools through bulk SMS services addressing poultry producers and veterinarians.