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Egypt slaughters 17.5K poultry after bird flu outbreak reported
Egypt has slaughtered more than 17,500 poultry in a farm where bird flu cases were reported in the Dakahlia governorate (Delta), said Head of Veterinary Medicine Directorate, Abdel Moneim Al Mongy, on Saturday.

After taking samples from infected poultry, vets buried the dead and slaughtered poultry to control the spread of viruses, Mongy added in remarks to Al-Watan newspaper.

Dakahlia’s Mit Ghamr and Gharbyia’s Santa cities were ranked as the most dangerous places, as they have the virus, he continued.

During the veterinary inspection, the vets reported new H5N2, H8N2, H9N2 and IB strains. The fact that these strains are appearing for the first time in Egypt has made the situation all the more serious.

“After the death of my poultry, I informed the Veterinary Medicine (Directorate) immediately,” the owner of the farm, Maged Atman, confirmed. The government should produce local veterinary medicine to cure the local virus strains and stop exporting drugs for strains not existing in Egypt, Mongy stated.

The virus first appeared in Egypt in 2006, and caused 41 deaths during 2015. Most cases are detected in impoverished rural areas that raise poultry.

The Ministry of Health repeatedly urged all residents dealing with poultry to take all protective measures against the virus.
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